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Davis Digital is an Irish-owned Digital Marketing & Web Development company established by Marketing and E-Commerce Specialist, Rebecca Davis. With a passion for all things online, Davis Digital believes it is crucial for businesses to operate virtually in today's world. 

We have created packages to suit every budget and every need - whether you are a start-up, new to the online world, or simply trying to freshen up your digital space.

So, How Does it Work?

It starts with a free consultation! Simply send us an email ( and we will discuss what you are looking for with your website or marketing strategy. Once we know exactly what your goal is, everything falls into place. From there, we can talk about your budget and the timeframe of the project. 

Everything we do is very collaborative - nothing goes without your approval! We want you to feel in control of your vision throughout the process. When the project is complete, we offer ongoing support to all our clients. 

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